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Community Care Services LLC is an enrolled Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) provider that use Person-Centered Thinking & Planning philosophy and approach to provide Case Management Ongoing services to individuals on Waiver programs(Elderly Waiver-EW, Community Alternative Care-CAC, Community Access for Disability Inclusion-CADI, and Developmental Disability-DD), Alternative Care(AC), Moving Home Minnesota(MHM), Relocation Service Coordination—Targeted Case Management, Conversion Case Management Access(AC), Essential Community Supports(ECS) plus Community Living Assistance(CLA), and Case Managament Other. In addition, we provide Transitional Services, Demonstration Case Management(to non-waiver individuals) and Comprehensive Community Support Services(CCSS) under Moving Home Minnesota(MHM) program.

Also, Community Care Services LLC provides Housing Access Coordination Service to assist a person to acquire housing and move from an unlicensed setting to another unlicensed setting in the community. Individuals must be enrolled on BI, CADI, CAC or DD waiver to receive housing access coordination services.

Community Care Services LLC promotes community living and independence with services and supports designed to address  what is important TO and Important FOR each individual needs and choice. At Community Care Services LLC, we strive to provide Person-Centered Thinking & Planning philosophy and approach by being open to a person’s experience, being trusting and trustworthy, being curious about the world, being creative, and compassionate of each individual we serve.  Community Care Services LLC promotes community living and independence with services and support plan designed to address each person’s  needs and choice.  All of our staff and case managers meet the minimum qualifications of a social worker under the Minnesota Merit System. Community Care Services LLC provides comprehensive Person Centered Thinking orientation for each staff and case manager upon hire and our employees have a high level knowledge of  AC and waiver policy.

At Community Care Services LLC, our trained staff does the following:

  •   Helps develop the community support Person-Centered Plan 

  •   Implements and monitors the community support plan

  •   Assures informed choice and consent

  •   Helps with referrals

  •   Arranges for and coordinates service delivery

  •   Provide comprehensive community support services

In addition, Community Care Services LLC will arrange for and monitor the use of community services to prevent or delay premature institutional placement of the individuals that we serve.