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Our trained staff and case managers use the Person-Centered Thinking & Planning philosophy and approach to help develop the community support plan based on what is important TO and Important FOR each individual we serve, Implements and monitors the community support plan (The community support plan must ensure that the health and safety needs of the recipient are reasonably met), Assures informed choice and consent, helps with referrals, provide a comprehensive community support service, arranges for and coordinates service delivery in the following programs:

Waivers (EW, CAC, CADI & DD) and Alternative Care (AC)

Community Care Services LLC provides Alternative Care (AC) and Waiver (EW, BI, CAC, CADI & DD) Case Management, Ongoing for individuals who require the level of care provided in a specialized nursing facility, hospital, nursing facility, intermediate care facility (persons with developmental disabilities) and to individuals who require the level of care provided in a nursing home and choose to live in the community.  Case Management, Ongoing programs for Alternative Care (AC) and Waiver (EW,BI, CAC, CADI & DD) programs  are a  Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) for individuals of age 18 and older and  65 and older. The purpose of the Case Management, Ongoing for Alternative Care (AC) and Waiver (EW BI, CAC, CADI & DD) programs are to promote optimal health, independence, safety and integration, community living, and independence with services and support systems designed to address each person’s individual needs and choices using person centered thinking and planning philosophy and approach.

Essential Community Supports (ECS)

Community Care Services LLC provides Essential Community Supports (ECS) to individuals which  includes: Case Management (Service Coordination) plus Community Living Assistance (CLA). The Essential Community Supports (ECS) program will provide community based supports for recipients who do not meet the revised nursing facility level of care criteria. ECS Services will support recipients with an assessed need for Community Living Assistance (CLA) to maintain their community living.

ESC for Seniors: Age 65 or older, not eligible for Medical Assistance, can benefit from one or more ECS services, Do not or no longer meet the nursing facility level of care criteria, and Meet Alternative Care financial eligibility criteria.

ECS for people in transition: Were receiving BI Waiver, CADI Waiver, EW or nursing facility services and lose (no longer have) MA eligibility for those services at their next reassessment on or after Jan. 1, 2015 due to changes in NF LOC criteria. In addition, this second group: No longer meet the nursing facility level of care (NF LOC) criteria. Are age 21 or older, Meet Alternative Care (AC)  financial eligibility criteria if not on MA, Are not eligible for state plan (MA) Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services, and can benefit from one or more ECS service.

Relocation Service Coordination-Targeted Case Management (RSC-TCM)

Relocation Service Coordination –Targeted Case Management (RSC–TCM), is a Medical Assistance (MA) reimbursed case management benefit that  help individuals residing in eligible institutions gain access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services and supports necessary to move from the institution to a community-based setting. RSC–TCM eligible institutions are:

Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities or related conditions (ICF/DDs)
Institutions for Mental Disease (IMDs; includes Regional Treatment Centers (RTCs) licensed as hospitals or nursing facilities)
RSC-TCM services may be provided to persons of all ages for up to 180 consecutive days per episode.

RSC-TCM services may be provided to persons of all ages for up to 180 consecutive days per episode.

Conversion Case Management Access (AC)

Community Care Services LLC provides Case Management Conversion Access (AC) to individuals who have been admitted to a nursing facility, including certified boarding care facilities and hospitals, and it is anticipated that the individual will return to the community with AC as the payer of services to address the client’s long-term needs.  Community Care Services LLC helps to develop and implement a relocation plan, coordinate referrals and help access services, coordinate and monitor the overall implementation of a relocation plan, and coordinate with discharge planner at the institution and others. Access to this service is limited to 180 consecutive days. The 180-day limit is a “per admission” limit meaning that a person may receive another 180 days of Conversion Case Management if they are readmitted to eligible institution.

Moving Home Minnesota (MHM)

Moving Home Minnesota’s goal is to create opportunities for Minnesotans to move from institutions to their own homes in the community. Moving Home Minnesota promotes the development and implementation of transition plans that reflect the preferences of those receiving services and the opportunity to receive services in the most integrated setting.Community Care Services LLC provides  Transitional Coordination, Demonstration Case Management(non-waiver individuals), and Comprehensive Community Support Services.

Housing Access Coordination(HAC)

Community Care Services LLC provides Housing Access Coordination(HAC) service to assist an individual to acquire housing and move from an unlicensed setting to another unlicensed setting in the community. Individuals must be enrolled on BI, CADI, CAC or DD waiver to receive housing access coordination services. Housing access coordination services includes: Counseling and assistance to identify options and make choices with respect to the person’s preferences of housing location, type of housing and roommates (if any), Identifying the person’s accessibility requirements including need for modifications, and Planning for on-going maintenance and repair, financial resources and eligibility for housing subsidies and other benefits. HAC service is delivered in four stages:


HAC services does not cover deposits, food, furnishing, rent, and utilities. Relocation service coordination or transitional services cannot be duplicated when performing HAC services. Transitional services can be used in conjuction with HAC only for deposits, household goods and moving expenses.